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sthira sukham asanam

the connection to earth should be steady and joyful

Corinne stepped into her first yoga class at the age of 16. Since then, she has studied the ancient yogic practices as a means to heal and help others heal. She has always felt an overwhelming sense of responsibility to defend the earth and all its beings. Corinne chooses yoga to help bridge the gap between humans and their connection with earth. Her practice has slowly unfolded over the past decade, through self study, three yoga teacher trainings, ayurveda training, two trips to India, and every moment in-between.

She humbly bows to her teachers, Ashley Albrand, Sharon Gannon, David Life, Yogeswari, Moritz Ulrich, Arif Santosa, Ella Luckett, Dhyana & Syama Masla.

Completed Trainings
200 HR YTT: Infinite Source Yoga, Costa Rica 2016
300 HR YTT: Jivamutki Yoga, India 2018
200 HR YTT: Jai Yoga Arts, Brooklyn, NY 2019

100 HR: Ayurveda Health Coach, Bhakti Center, NYC 2020