class description

Jivamukti Open

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Vinyasa paced class, where every movement is paired with the breath, stoking the internal agni (fire). Carefully timed and chosen asanas are tested; strengthening and expanding the body. Philosophy and short meditation are intertwined in each class.

Open to all students, modifications are available for both advanced and beginner practitioners. Prepare to be challenged and sweat!

Jivamukti Basics & Alignment

Oriental Lotus

Each class targets one of the four types of asanas; standing asanas, forward bends, backbends, & inversions. Each class hi-lights a select few poses to focus on alignment and modifications. Learn how props can accelerate your practice.

This class is best for beginners, those interested in alignment, or individuals seeking to safely advance an established practice.

Dosha Yoga


As the seasons change, our body and mind follows. We follow the ayurvedic clock, offering yoga postures, mantras, mudras, breathwork, and meditation to pacify vata, pitta, and kapha imbalances.

Slow Flow

White Flowers

Create space in each part of the body by lengthening and strengthening the muscles. Each asana builds upon the next, gradually opening the body while relaxing the mind through conscious breath.

Yummy Yin

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Yin allows for moments of restoration and forgiveness in our busy life. We unfold each pose with patience, stillness, and depth, lasting 3-5 minutes. Suitable for all levels, recommended for practitioners suffering from mental exhaustion

Pranayama & Meditation


Conscious breath exercises curated for time of year and social climate followed by seated meditation. We practice both vipassana and mantra meditation.


rates & details

all classes are private & specifically designed for individual goals of student

online private zoom classes:

60 minutes: $15 // 4 class pass: $55
90 minutes: $20 // 4 class pass: $75

must use class pass within 3 months of purchase

online group (2 or more) zoom classes available upon request:

60 minutes: $8/per person

90 minutes: $10/per person

in person privates available in NYC

60 minutes: $80 // 10 class pass: $65/class

90 minutes: $120 // 10 class pass: $100/class

60 minute ayurvedic lifestyle consultation: 

sliding scale $40-60

venmo: corinne-krupp  //  paypal:

in notes of donation, provide email address & name of class or event